Destinations That Have You Living in Luxury for Cheap

Whether you want to relax on the beach or explore big-city culture, you can travel in luxury without blowing your budget when you visit any of these destinations.

Travelling is a luxury, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money to see some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Choosing the right destinations and booking and travelling at cheaper times can also help keep costs down.  From the awe-inspiring natural wonders of Nepal to the cultural sophistication of Malta, check out these countries where spending only a little can have you living in luxury for cheap.

Halong Bay, Vietnam, Southeast Asia

Vietnam has long been one of the top places for getting great bang for your buck. Luxury hotel rooms, for example, can be had for about $100 per night while gourmet meals go for about $20 to $30. Vietnam also just happens to be one of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world. From the spectacular scenery of Halong Bay to the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, there is something for everyone in Vietnam.

Buenos Aires capital of Argentina

The Argentinian government recently relaxed its currency controls, which has sent the value of the peso plummeting. For travellers, that means getting to experience one of the most sophisticated and magical countries on the planet at prices that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Argentina combines the highlights of Europe--including wine tours and café-lined streets--with the awe-inspiring nature of South America, especially in Patagonia.

Varanasi India

India will take your senses to a level you never knew existed. At times both exhilarating and exhausting, this massive country of more than a billion people and a history thousands of years old is certainly never boring. You'll enjoy world-famous sights like the Taj Mahal and mouth-watering food at prices so low they boggle the mind. Want to stay at a 5-star hotel without paying more than $100 per night? You'll easily find one in India.

Algarve, Portugal

Travelling on a budget doesn't mean you can't visit Western Europe, our Six Easy Ways to Save on Europe Travel are helpful tips as well for travel on a budget to Europe. While Paris and Zurich may be a little out of your price range, Portugal offers all of the culture, history, and beauty that you will find in the rest of Western Europe, but at only a fraction of the price. You can stroll the cobblestoned streets of Lisbon, savour a delicious glass of port wine, or relax on the beach in the Algarve, all without blowing your budget.

Patan Durbar Square, Nepal

If you're looking for adventure, you can't go wrong with Nepal. You'll be surrounded by some of the world's tallest peaks--including Everest itself--while enjoying an ancient culture of ornate temples and rich, delicious food. While mountain trekking permits themselves can be pricey, the cost of food and accommodation makes Nepal a bargain.

Tulum, Mexico

Just as Canada's dollar has taken a tumble in recent years, so has Mexico's peso. Flights to Mexico are cheap and deals on accommodations are extremely easy to find. Just imagine yourself lounging on white sand beaches, exploring ancient Mayan pyramids, or enjoying some of the most delicious food around--and all of it so close to home! The best part is, you can find a ton of all-inclusive package options in Mexico so that you don't have to worry about budget once in destination!

Poznan, Poland

Poland boasts a history spanning a thousand years and its cities, showcasing everything from modernist skyscrapers to medieval castles, are among the most beautiful and fascinating travel destinations. Despite looking like a fairy tale, prices in Poland are still extremely low. High-end hotel rooms can be found for less than $100 per night and the cost of the top attractions will only put you out a few dollars.


Malta has long been a top tourist destination for European sun-seekers, but it has remained a bit under the radar for Canadians. Now the secret is out! This tiny island nation in the Mediterranean boasts an astonishing array of sights and attractions, including jaw dropping medieval architecture, world-class art, and beautiful beaches. All of it available for a fraction of the price you would spend elsewhere in Europe.

Pileh Lagoon in Ko Phi Phi Island - Thailand

Thailand has long been a favourite destination for budget-conscious travellers and for good reason. Conjure up a picture of paradise and there's probably somewhere in Thailand that looks just like it. Whether you want to enjoy some of the best restaurants in the world in bustling Bangkok or relax on the beach in Phuket, Thailand offers a luxury vacation without the luxury prices.

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