Cheaper Destinations in Europe for Canadians

Travelling from Canada to Europe doesn't have to be expensive. Stay on budget by choosing one of these cheaper destinations in Europe for your next vacation.

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European travel is not only fun, it's also a great way to broaden your mind and learn about new cultures. But with flights, hotels, food, and entertainment to arrange, international travel can quickly become very expensive. Thankfully, there are plenty of awesome European destinations that are relatively cheap for Canadians to visit and we know a few Easy Ways to Save on Europe Travel. From small towns to major cities, there's an affordable European vacation spot to suit every traveller.

Krakow, Poland

Due in part to the favourable exchange rate, Krakow is a very affordable city for Canadian tourists. The city is a cultural dream, with dozens of museums, art galleries, churches, and theatres to enjoy. Since many offer inexpensive or even free admission, your trip will be both educational and budget-friendly. Dining out in Krakow is also cheaper than in Canada, so feel free to fill up on all the homemade, hearty Polish food you can eat.

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar, Croatia is another cheap European destination where the Canadian dollar stretches far. Food and entertainment costs are already lower in Zadar than in most major Canadian cities and become even lower with the favourable exchange rate. Look for flights during the summer months when various low-cost carriers fly into Zadar Airport. Since the city sits on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, booking a vacation to Zadar in the summer also allows you to enjoy free activities like swimming and sunbathing.

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As one of Europe's top tourist destinations, it may be surprising to learn that London can actually be a relatively cheap vacation spot. The city is home to six international airports, meaning travellers can shop around and book the cheapest airfare to London. First-time visitors will also save tons of money by picking up a London Pass, an affordable pass card that includes entry to dozens of London attractions like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.

Leipzig, Germany

Germany is on most people's travel bucket list, but the major tourist cities may be too pricey for the average traveller. Since the cost of living in Leipzig is much lower than that of Berlin or Munich, it's a great destination for visiting Canadians. The city has many budget-friendly restaurants and offers free activities like festivals and museum tours. If you visit Leipzig when the weather's nice, you'll also want to explore the city's many beautiful parks and hiking trails.

budapest, hungary

Though Budapest has grown to be a popular tourist spot, travel costs are still very reasonable. The city has many beautiful parks and green spaces throughout the city that are perfect for a frugal afternoon picnic lunch. At night, Budapest's bars, clubs, and restaurants come to life with fun dance music, cheap drinks, and reasonably priced food. Travellers with especially tight budgets can stay at one of the many hostels in Budapest where a bed can be as cheap as $15 a night. The abundance of cheap hostels has solidified Budapest's standing as a cheap vacation spot in Europe.

Commerce square Lisbon

Despite being a desirable tourist destination, flights and hotels to Lisbon are surprisingly cheap, especially when compared to pricey Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Hike up to one of the hilly city's highest points to marvel at the gorgeous architecture from above, then take a free walking tour to get an up-close look. To keep food costs low, shop for fresh produce and homemade fare at one of the city's many street markets.

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With gorgeous views, great weather, and well-priced food, it's no wonder that tourists praise the Czech Republic for its affordability and great value. For a unique travel experience, skip busy Prague and head to a city like Olomouc instead. Olomouc is very walkable so transportation costs will be minimal as you explore the city. You can also save by booking an Olomouc hotel or hostel in the main square, close to most of the city's sightseeing spots.

Travelling from Canada to Europe is a fun and fulfilling experience, but international travel costs can be daunting. Though parts of Europe are always expensive, there are many great cities where Canadians can travel for less. With the right destination in mind, you can plan a fun, relaxing European vacation without going over budget.

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