Jamaica – Where to Stay, Where to Play

What to do and see in the different areas of Jamaica including recommended resorts in Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.

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Jamaica, one of the most popular Caribbean vacation destinations. You can feel the unique rhythm of Jamaica everywhere you go. From the tropical jungles and white sand beaches to the amazing food and rich culture, there is no place on earth like Jamaica. Home to many unique regions, there are great resorts and activities all around the island where you can both stay and play.


Beaches Negril

Located on the western tip of the island, Negril is a gorgeous area with a long stretch of natural beach, stunning sunsets and a low-key vibe.

Play in Negril: 

Kool Runnings Adventure Park: Grab the kids and experience epic outdoor adventures here. Bamboo rafting, kayaking, water rafting, restaurants and more are all available here.

Appleton Rum Estate: Situated in the Nassau Valley, the Appleton Estate offers informative and fun tours. Discover how the famous Appleton Rum is created with complementary cocktails and more.

YS Falls: Feast your eyes on this magnificent seven-tiered waterfall. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the waterfall also feeds into natural pools which provide a fun option for a swimming adventure.

Rick’s Café: A famous, cliffside restaurant that offers epic views for watching the sunset. Take in the beauty with a drink in your hand while a reggae band plays in the background.

Seven Mile BeachThe longest stretch of beach on the island, you can enjoy white sands and panoramic views while visiting. It’s considered one of the main attractions in Negril that will take your breath away.

Stay in Negril: 

Montego Bay

Riu Montego Bay

White sand beaches and turquoise waters are the backdrop for Montego Bay. Home to an incredible nightlife and some of the biggest all-inclusive resorts, this is a great place to unwind and have fun.

Play in Montego Bay: 

Doctors Cave Beach: Relax on Montego Bay’s top-rated beach. Enjoy access to a restaurant, bar, showers and beach umbrellas as you spend your day taking in the gorgeous views at this beach club.

Rose Hall Great House Tour: Immerse yourself in the heritage of Jamaica. With an expert guide you’ll learn about the European bourgeoise, the tale of  Annie Palmer and the famed White Witch of Rose Hall.

Cinnamon Hill Golf Club: Golf lovers will thrive at this 18-hole golf course. Offering both coastal and inland golf, you’ll witness the beauty of Jamaica while working on your stroke.

Jimmy Cliff BoulevardThe “Hip Strip” is a trendy area of Montego Area named in honour of Jamaica's famous musician.  You’ll find epic nightlife, bars, shops and restaurants, water slides, authentic food and even a spot to watch planes land.

Rastafari Experience: Discover the history, beliefs and ceremonies of the Rastafari life. You’ll spend the day trying authentic meals, studying drumming and learning natural healing methods

Stay in Montego Bay: 

Ocho Rios

Beaches Ocho Rios

Waterfalls, beaches, jungles and shopping are a few key components found in Ocho Rios. The region has endless activities for any traveller and is a great spot to explore the “centrepiece of Jamaica.” 

Play in Ocho Rios: 

Dunn’s River Falls: A national treasure, this is one of few travertine waterfalls that empties directly into the ocean. Visitors can climb the waterfalls and swim in the spring water.

White RiverTake a tubing tour down this stunning river. With light rapids to add in some excitement, you’ll pass by coconut plantations, bamboo groves and lush fauna.

Fern GullyStarting in Ocho Rios and ending in Colgate, this three mile stretch of road makes for one beautiful drive. Travel past a variety of ferns growing in the gorge. There are also vendors and sculptures lining the road.

Rainforest Adventures Mystic MountainTake an adventure through the gorgeous rainforest in Jamaica. The park’s signature attraction is the bob sled ride down the mountain. There’s also hiking, zip lining and more to discover.

Stay in Ocho Rios: 

Port Antonio

Port Antonio Jamaica

Acting as a gateway to the jungle, mountains and waterfalls of Jamaica, Port Antonio is known for its spectacular views and blue waters. Travellers looking for a more quiet getaway in paradise will thrive in Port Antonio.

Play in Port Antonio: 

Folly Great House: Also referred to as Folly Ruins, this site is grounds to an abandoned mansion that has since crumbled. Many visit to explore the ruins or use as a backdrop to photography

Rio Grande Valley: If you want to truly escape city life, the Rio Grande Valley is the place to go. The Rio Grande river flows between a gorge of the Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains.

Somerset Falls: Hidden in a deep gorge, Somerset Falls is a dark waterfall found within a beautiful grotto. While the trek there is a bit tricky, the views make it all worth it.

Boston Jerk Center: Authentic Jamaican food is one of the best things to experience in Jamaica and Boston Jerk Center is home to some of the most beloved. Eat your way through acclaimed jerk eats.

Bob Marley Museum: This hot spot is about a 2 hour drive away from Port Antonio but worth a visit. Learn more about one of Jamaica’s most famous musicians. Set in his old home, the Bob Marley Museum is filled with memories and mementos providing insight on this legend’s life.

Craighton Estate Coffee Tours in the Blue Mountains: Let your taste buds run wild at this unique coffee tour about two hours away from Port Antonio. On this one-hour tour, you’ll walk around a coffee farm, learn about coffee-making in Jamaica and sample some authentic coffee yourself!

Stay in Port Antonio: 

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