New Year, New Adventures: Travel Resolutions for More Wanderlust in 2024

As we bid farewell to the old and embrace the new, it's time to unleash your inner adventurer and scribble some travel resolutions on the blank canvas of 2024!

By Anabelle LeblancDecember 28, 2023 Posted in:Travel Inspiration

If your heart races at the mere thought of a boarding pass or your bucket list is longer than a grocery receipt, keep reading. Get ready to dive into the world of travel resolutions for the ultimate year of wanderlust! 

Break Free from Your Comfort Zone

Let's kick things off with a bang! This year, vow to break free from the cocoon of comfort and spread those travel wings wide. Whether it's trying street food in Cancun, bungee jumping in the Grand Canyon, or mastering the art of ordering coffee in five languages, make 2024 the year you embrace the unexpected.

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Explore Your Own Backyard

Who said adventures have to be on the other side of the globe? This year, promise yourself to be a tourist in your own town or country. Discover hidden gems, quirky attractions, and local hotspots you never knew existed. After all, there's magic in familiarity too!

Document Your Journey

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the world of travel, it's worth a million memories. Make a resolution to document your adventures – whether through a travel journal, Instagram stories, or even a good ol' scrapbook. Trust us; future you will thank present you for these precious mementos.

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Embrace Spontaneity

Throw caution to the wind and embrace the beauty of spontaneous travel. Say yes to that last-minute road trip, hop on a plane to a destination you've never heard of, or let a dart and a map decide your next escapade. After all, the best stories begin with, "I didn't plan for this, but..."

Make Travel Buddies

Solo travel is fantastic, but there's a special kind of magic in shared adventures. Pledge to make new travel buddies along the way – whether it's a fellow traveller you build a bond with at your hotel, a friendly local, or even a four-legged friend you meet on your journey. Life is better when shared, especially on the road!

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And there you have it, #redtagfam! Five travel resolutions to sprinkle a dash of wanderlust into your 2024. Remember, the world is your playground, and this year is YOUR year to play. So, pack your bags, book those flights, and let the adventures begin!

Ready to make 2024 your year of wanderlust?

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