Keeping Kids Busy on a Flight

Travelling with kids can be stressful, here are a few helpful tips for keeping kids busy on a flight.

By redtag.caJune 6, 2018 Posted in:FamilyTravel Tips

While the thought of being trapped with a restless toddler on a plane might seem like a daunting task, being organized and having a game plan is all you need for a successful flight when travelling with little ones.

By around 7 years old, children are likely to read and play on their own but for the very little ones it’s important to be prepared, especially if you are boarding a long flight.

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep up your sleeve when planning a flight with young children.

Snacks: This one is right at the top because it’s the most important thing to pack. Make sure to get finger foods they like so you don’t get shot down. Plane food isn’t always kid-friendly so try not to rely on what they have for you. Keeping their tummies happy is a sure way to get the rest of your tricks to work.

Tablet: An iPad or iPhone or any other kind of tablet is a great way to pass quite a bit of time. Before you travel, download some sing-a-longs, movies or books for hours of enjoyment.

Play Doh: This mess-free favourite is sure to keep them busy during the waking hours of your trip. Show them pictures of your destination and have them build all the scenic sites you plan to visit.

Colouring Books: A new colouring book won’t entertain for long but will surely do the trick in a pinch. Sweeten the offer with brand-new crayons.

Card Games: For the older kids, bring out some card games they can play amongst themselves to give yourself some downtime.

Make a Book: This one is easy and great for the creative little ones in your family. Fold a bunch of paper in half and staple the spine to make a book. With a few pencil crayons, your child can craft his/her very own book.

Bingo: You can find kid bingo at pretty much any toy store so if you come across one make sure to pick it up. This fun game can be done in a group so it’s a perfect option if you have more than one child.

Bring their Favourites! Forgetting your child’s most beloved toy may be the biggest mistake you’ll make throughout the entire trip, so be sure to bring the favourite teddy or favourite book—anything they might be super attached to. The comfort of having something familiar, which they love, will leave them feeling calm.

Bag of Toys: Swing by the dollar store before your trip and get a bunch of new toys and activities for your flight. Keep them in a fun grab bag and pull one out every hour. Your child will sit pretty just knowing another fun toy is on the way.

A Window Seat: This is the simplest and most effective way to get a toddler entertained, especially during take-off and landing.


Try not to worry too much about the people around you. There will always be a few crabby ones who get annoyed when a toddler disrupts their nap but for the most part, they have probably been there and understand exactly what you’re going through.

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