Tips when Travelling Solo

Before travelling solo, check out a few of our tips that will help when travelling alone abroad.

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If you have made the decision to go on a trip solo you are in for a real treat. While traveling with friends and family can be a lot of fun, exploring solo is an entirely different, and some may even say, more fulfilling experience.

When there aren’t others in your party to answer to or accommodate, it’s easier to take in new surroundings at your own pace, indulging in what’s important to you.

That being said, travelling solo must be planned properly to avoid any safety hazards, lonely spells or excessive spending. Here are a few handy tips to get you started when planning a solo adventure.

  1. Pack Light There won’t be anyone around to give you a hand when you reach your destination so pack only the necessities. Solo travellers are easy targets when it comes to pick pockets and luggage thieves so keep your belongings close at all times.

  2. Plan Plan Plan! This is not the time to wing it. If you’re traveling alone come up with a detailed plan about where you are going, where you are sleeping and how you will get around. Booking hotels in advance isn’t always necessary but make sure you are set up for the first night, at least, before you head out. Using a travel planner like TripIt can also help stay organized.
  3. Embrace Social Media Before you venture out take advantage of the incredible resources social media has to offer. There are countless Facebook and Twitter groups bursting with seasoned travellers such as yourself who would love to share experiences, give helpful tips about the places you are visiting or just to bounce ideas off each other—you may even form life long connections.
  4. Smell the Roses Planning a jam packed itinerary will be great to cover a large amount of sites, but make sure to take a moment to really embrace the places you are visiting. Sip an espresso outside one of Rome’s many cafés early in the morning and watch the locals pass on their way to work—some of your best memories will be the moments you pause to take it all in.
  5. Apps There are tons of apps you can download to make traveling a breeze like currency converters, translators and city maps.
  6. Trust your Gut If something doesn’t feel right trust your instincts and leave the situation promptly. Solo travellers can be vulnerable so always be on the alert.
  7. Join Tours Sometimes tours can be a great way to learn fun facts about a place you are visiting and a great way to meet other travellers.
  8. Meet the Locals The best way to learn about a place is through the people who were born there. If you see an old man nursing a pint outside a pub in Dublin, take a seat and ask him his story—he may have a marvellous tale up his sleeve.
  9. Dine Alone Don’t be intimidated about getting a table on your own to indulge in some great restaurants. Talk to the waiter, befriend the bartender or just enjoy a nice quiet meal by yourself.


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