New Vacation Safety at Melia, Barcelo and Palladium Resorts

These top resort chains: Melia, Barcelo and Palladium have added safety and health protocols to welcome guest back to an enjoyable vacation. 

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Vacations at beautiful all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico, South and Central America, are opening up to international guests once again. If you're tempted by thoughts of kicking back at one of these heavenly tropical beach destinations, you may understandably be concerned about safety. Like many, you'd be a lot more confident making plans if you knew how safe you would be in these times of a pandemic.

As it turns out many all-inclusive resort chains are prepared and have gone all out to ensure guest safety. What follows are quick descriptions of the ways in which three top all-inclusive resorts have made changes to ensure their guests stay healthy, and go back home refreshed.

Meliá Resorts


Meliá has worked with Bureau Veritas, the health and safety certifications organization. Deploying some of the most rigorous implementations seen anywhere, of the WHO's safety standards. With cleaning and disinfection taken care of by Diversey, the world leader in hospitality hygiene, Meliá's locations are safe for guests. Resort climate control systems and water systems are frequently disinfected and all employees receive special training in food hygiene. Laundry is handled in line with new enhanced protocols. Guest interface points are screened off with protective barriers, locations take in fewer guests at a time, and the appointment of an exclusive Stay Safe Ambassador at each hotel, ensures the implementation of every safety protocol.

Not only do guests at Meliá resorts feel safe, they enjoy top-notch hospitality with some of the most highly rated staff in the industry. You get your pick of a variety of dining options. You get to kick back with a great range of beverages. You enjoy beautiful pools and beaches, and have fun with the entertainment options and activities brought to you.

Barceló Resorts


Barceló, the 90-year-old luxury resort chain, has a thorough plan in place -- the We Care About You plan -- to help ensure that all guests, employees and suppliers remain safe. As part of the We Care About You plan, Barceló resorts implement a series of sanitization and disinfection protocols over its properties and apply technology to help ensure that these protocols deliver results. With an in-house Technical Commission in place to help with these measures, and a hygienist in charge of each resort, Barceló is able to ensure that every health safety rule put in place is actually followed. Restaurants have capacity restrictions to ensure social distancing and operational hours are extended to help prevent crowding. All cutlery is regularly disinfected and dining assistants help make sure that food on display isn't handled by guests. Every health safety procedure put in place is audited by Cristal International to help ensure that guests stay safe.

Guests at Barceló resorts get great access to pools, crystal clear beaches, beach sports, and water sports. Not to mention the group has some of the best reviewed restaurants and bars in the region, and service by professional staff.

The Palladium Hotel Group 


The Palladium Hotel Group has multiple locations in the Americas, and welcomes vacationers with well-planned safety measures in place. Guests check in and check out online without waiting to be served at reception, for example. You can avoid contact with members of the staff as far as possible by using the chat feature on the hotel app to make inquiries about menus, restaurant times, reservations and much more. From the seating arrangements at restaurants, to the lounge chairs and hammocks at the pools and beach areas, guests get to experience great social distancing in practice everywhere. All cutlery, tableware, and napkins, are sanitized, and room service is promoted as a safer alternative to in-restaurant dining. All of the safety measures in place at Palladium Hotels are put in place by a specialized Task Force Team organized by management. In addition, guests get to take advantage of a flexible cancellation policy, and a reservation system in which you pay only once you arrive at the hotel.

The deep cleaning that every public area at Palladium resorts receives makes for peace of mind for guests. The easier it is for you to feel confidence in the safety of your vacation, the better you're able to enjoy the great dining, beach activities, entertainment activities, and fun that are in store.

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