Don’t Make These Rookie Mistakes When Booking your All-Inclusive Vacation Online

Common mistakes made when booking your all-inclusive vacation online and how to avoid them.

By redtag.caAugust 3, 2018 Posted in:Travel Tips

Planning your all-inclusive vacation can be a very exciting time and we want to make sure it is seamless from start to finish.  When you book your trip online, you are acting as your own travel agent (without the experience) so mistakes can be made. Here are some mistakes travellers make when booking their trip and our top tips you should know so that your planning is worry free.

1. Booking a ticket with the wrong name

Sounds so silly right? But it’s a lot more common than you think! Whether it’s spellcheck or a slip of your fingers on the keyboard, people often put the wrong name on their travel tickets. Sometimes this mistake cannot be changed, or could be very costly - sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the airline policies.

How to avoid this: 

Double check that you have inputted the information correctly before moving forward and that your name is the same as it is on your passport.  You will also receive an email confirmation - be sure to check this information for mistakes immediately.  That way it can be corrected quickly.

2. Skipping out on buying travel insurance

You’ve done all of the planning up until this point - and now think it’s a good idea to skip out on the travel insurance to save some money right? But the truth is, accidents can happen anywhere. Travel insurance can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run if something were to happen that you didn’t anticipate.

Avoid this by:

Purchase travel insurance to save you from the unexpected and avoid ruining your vacation. At the very least, put your mind at ease knowing you are covered - get a quote here. Or use a credit card upon booking that includes travel insurance coverage. Just be sure you know what your credit card offers so that you will be protected. 

3. Choosing the wrong resort

tropical resort in the caribbean

Every resort is different and has its own special offerings. From adults-only sections to playful waterparks, any resort has a number of amenities and services that may make or break your stay. If you are looking for a family getaway, you don’t want to end up at a resort with no Kids Club or child-friendly menus. Alternatively, if you’re planning a romantic honeymoon, you may not want kids running around everywhere. 

How to avoid this:

Do your research and make sure you are selecting a resort that fits your wants and needs. You likely will have to make some compromises, so be sure you have a priority list and select a resort that has your most important criteria.

4. Vacationing at the wrong time

It’s always an upset when you arrive at a sun-filled destination and are greeted with rain. Every destination has their off-season and you don’t want to make the mistake of planning a vacation during that particular time. No one wants to leave their vacation feeling disappointed.

Avoid this by:

Research the weather in the destination you are looking to travel to first. Rainy season/ hurricane season may be cheaper, but it could put a huge damper on your plans.

5. Putting TOO MUCH trust in online reviews 

Don't get us wrong; doing your research and reading online reviews from travellers experiences are important.  But don’t let it be the end all of your decision.

How to avoid this:

It’s important to know what matters to you for your vacation and taking into consideration if the points made in the online review are important to you. You also need to understand what type of traveller you are and if that varies from the traveller posting.  One’s expectation may be unrealistic for a specific destination resulting in a biased review. It’s also important to read recent reviews so your knowledge is the most up-to-date.

6. You think it’s an all-inclusive package all inclusive vacation

Some resorts or packages come with a Breakfast Only, or no food and drink options. It can be confusing to know which places offer a full all-inclusive experience and which ones offer partial.  It’s important to check this before you assume that your package comes with it all.

How to avoid this:

On our website, each package identifies this information in blue in the box as shown above.

7. Selecting the wrong room category room category

Did you fall in love with a particular view or room category in the resort photos?  Often times customers look to book a room category that is the best price, but may ultimately not be what they were expecting or anticipating.

How to avoid this:

Make sure the room category you are looking for is available when booking, and double check you have selected the actual room you want.

8. Not having the correct documents

canadian passport

Every country and even travel company has different rules when it comes to international travel. Most of them request that your passport is valid for at least 3-6 months after your travel dates. You don’t want to book your trip and not be able to go just because your passport is expired.

How to avoid this:

Make sure your passport and other associated travel documents are up-to-date when you are booking your trip. If you need to research information about passports and the country you are visiting the government website has a helpful page here.

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