5 perfect vacations for 5 types of travellers

By redtag.caJune 9, 2022 Posted in:Vacations

As the summer heat picks up, we know you’re itching to get outside! School has ended, your job has switched to vacation hours (early Fridays or a four-day work week!), and everyone around you is ready for their holiday escape.

However, we in Canada know the importance of savouring these short summer months. While you’re still enjoying the smell of freshly mowed grass and rooftop beers with friends, the air will suddenly start to feel cool; the leaves will begin to drop all around you; and soon, you’ll be digging out that down jacket and those winter boots you just put into storage. 

Not to worry, though – there are so many ways to make the most of your vacation time. So when the crisp fall air is upon you, you’ll still have those warm summer memories of fun in the sun to get you through till next year!

But no two travellers are the same – so we’ve put together five perfect vacation ideas for five different travel enthusiasts. Which type of traveller are you? And where should you go this summer? Keep reading to find out! 


The Smart Traveller

The Picky Traveller

The Genius Traveller

The Inspirational Traveller

The Adventurous Traveller


So there you have it. Five different travel types, five perfect vacations to cover all their needs! Whichever type you are, remember to make the most of your short time away from home – because, just like summer, it won’t last forever! 



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